Doctors and their medical staff are some of the most caring and highly skilled professionals you will ever meet. Their years of learning and continual practice of many medical procedures instills a level of trust and confidence that patients do not expect to be broken. Sometimes, however, even doctors and their medical staff fail to notice important medical issues. When this happens, you need a Chapman & Bowling medical malpractice lawyer.

Failure to diagnose is a specific form of medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is considered to have occurred when a physician, such as a doctor or dentist, fails to provide the quality of care that could be reasonably expected, resulting in harm to the patient.

The most common form of medical malpractice is failure to diagnose. Failure to diagnose occurs when your doctor fails to identify and treat a medical condition, either by completely missing the problem or by diagnosing the problem as something else and not recognizing the actual medical problem responsible for your pain and suffering.

There are many ways a physician might not adequately diagnose a patient.  These include:

  • misreading test results
  • failing to consider the patient’s history
  • failing to order the necessary tests
  • failing to listen to the patient
  • failing to refer a patient to the proper surgeon

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Failure-to-diagnose issues are often complex cases. In order to understand your options and competently pursue legal malpractice litigation, the expert medical malpractice lawyers at Chapman & Bowling should be contacted immediately.

Chapman & Bowling has over twenty years of legal experience in Maryland medical malpractice law. We have deep empathy for our clients and the anguish they have to undeservedly endure, which is why we earnestly guide and counsel them as we tirelessly pursue the maximum amount of justice.

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