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Call us to schedule your free initial consultation with our expert attorneys: (301) 934-9969

Call us to schedule your free initial consultation with our expert attorneys.

Our Mission:

Delivering Justice & Security For The Injured

Personal Injury

A catastrophic injury refers to any injury sustained in an accident that causes irreversible damage to the body.

Wrongful Deaths

A wrongful death claim is a civil lawsuit brought by the surviving family members or the estate of the deceased person to seek compensation for their loss.

Medical Malpractice

In Maryland, "medical malpractice" refers to a situation where a healthcare professional or provider deviates from the accepted standard of care, leading to injury or harm to a patient.

Auto Accidents and Vehicle Collisions

If you have been injured in a car accident, trust our dedicated attorneys to help you navigate the insurance claims process and secure the compensation you deserve.

We understand the pain and hardships that you and your family may be facing when you or a loved one suffers from an unjust injury caused by malpractice, a car accident, or a workplace incident, and how this case represents one of the most crucial events in your life.

These unwarranted, life-changing events lead to devastating challenges that impact your quality of life and financial stability. 

Our firm has been championing the rights of those wrongfully harmed in Southern Maryland by negligence since 1990. As your dedicated advocate, Chapman & Bowling will stand by your side, relentlessly pursuing justice and safeguarding the well-being of you and your family.

Premises Liability and Falls

If you fell at a business and suffered injuries, a Southern Maryland slip and fall attorney at Chapman & Bowling can help.

Dog Bite and Animal Injuries

If you were injured by a dog bite or animal, a Southern Maryland dog bite attorney at Chapman & Bowling can help.

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