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Playground Accidents

We have all tripped or fallen while playing a game of tag, or slipped out of a swing and lost our breath during childhood games. But sometimes children lose more than that; sometimes children don’t jump back to their feet and return to their games. Playground accidents in Maryland can result in serious injury to the ones we hold most dear; when this happens, you need an experienced Maryland personal injury lawyer.

But it is not only on playgrounds that these unfortunate accidents occur. A waterslide, diving board, or the swimming pool can prove to be very dangerous if the area is not properly maintained.

Playground accidents occur because the owners failed to exercise ordinary care, leaving them negligent. Here are some common examples of playground negligence:

  • Improperly trained personnel
  • Failure to provide a safe swimming environment
  • Lack of provided safety mats and other safety equipment
  • Failure to inspect equipment and repair broken or damaged equipment for amusement park rides

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Chapman & Bowling has over twenty-five years of personal injury experience. Our Maryland personal injury attorneys are determined to get the justice you deserve. We have been able to claim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of quality of life, damages for pain and suffering, and even lost future earnings.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in a Maryland playground accident, we can help you obtain the justice you deserve. Contact the Chapman & Bowling personal injury lawyers today. We have law offices in La Plata, Waldorf, Lexington Park, and other locations by appointment.