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Southern Maryland Attorneys Draft Effective Wills for Clients

Detailed counsel on documents to protect and provide for family members

It is never too early to have a will. If you have minor children or wish to control who receives your property upon your death, we can help with these vital matters. At Chapman & Bowling, we are intimately familiar with the needs and wishes of our clients. With a Maryland will, you control the way everything you own is treated and leave those you care about with a legacy.

Answering key questions relating to Maryland wills

Chapman & Bowling attorneys develop each will based on the client’s specific goals and circumstances.  However, there are common questions that many people have, including:

  • What happens if I die without a will? In many instances, everything you own will be divided up according to state law. That means your assets may be allocated contrary to your wishes.
  • What are the benefits of a Maryland will? A will can save time and money in administering your estate once you are gone. Estate administration involves an attorney or relative appointed or approved by the court who gathers all that you possess, notifies beneficiaries that you are deceased, pays any outstanding debts, and then sells or distributes your assets according to the terms set forth in your will.
  • Are wills only for older or wealthy people? We encourage clients young and old, with estates of every size, to create a legal will. Whatever assets you have, you want those assets to be properly transferred to your beneficiaries. It’s essential you have a will if you have minor children so that their care can be provided for in the untimely event of your death.

For these and other inquiries, the attorneys of Chapman & Bowling use their comprehensive knowledge of the relevant law to deliver an answer that suits your particular needs and offers you peace of mind.

Providing legal assistance for appointing a guardian

Legal guardians can assume limited responsibility for the decisions of someone else, or they can establish authority over all matters. There are certain groups who should consult a Maryland estate planning lawyer about guardianship. Mothers and fathers with minor children have a moral obligation to choose a guardian to address the care and raising of their children in the event that they die or become incapable of parenting. Parents of adults with special needs may also want to establish a guardianship for their adult children. Guardianships may also be used to care for an elderly person who is no longer capable of making financial and medical decisions.

Diligent advisers for the review and evaluation of existing wills

A will works best when it is reviewed periodically and updated as circumstances change. Chapman & Bowling can review your current estate plan to ensure that it corresponds with your current situation and needs. You do not want to wait too long to make adjustments necessitated by family and financial changes.

Experienced advocates for probate matters

Contesting a will can cause tremendous strain among family members who are already coping with a loved one’s loss. Our probate attorneys understand the court system and will advocate on your behalf. Whether you’re looking to enforce the terms of a will or are challenging it, we know how to handle these affairs with the appropriate proficiency and tact.

Contact Southern Maryland attorneys today for assistance in drafting or reviewing a will

If you have questions about creating, reviewing or enforcing a will, call Chapman & Bowling, LLC at 240-349-6289 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our offices are in La Plata, Waldorf and Lexington Park.