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Maryland Estate Planning Lawyers Help You Control Your Assets

Advising on a complete range of options to secure your family’s future

An authoritative estate plan can help protect your assets and transfer your property upon death without undue hassle or taxation. Chapman & Bowling helps clients draft wills and trusts to ensure the orderly administration of their estates. We can show you how to create a comprehensive program that addresses every concern you have, including provisions for children and end-of-life care.

Authoritative counsel to address important questions

A comprehensive estate plan doesn’t just facilitate a smooth asset distribution after someone dies; it also provides priceless security once it is put in place. Chapman & Bowling will establish a plan that utilizes several estate planning instruments that address all your concerns, such as these:

  • If we die before our children reach the age of 18, who will take care of them?
  • How can we protect our assets on behalf of our children?
  • If I am going into the hospital or become ill, can I appoint someone to handle my affairs?
  • Will we owe estate taxes upon our death?
  • Can we protect the family farm in our wills?
  • I am single, but want to plan my estate, so what are the best options for me?
  • My child is disabled. Can I set up a trust now for him/her?
  • As a retired couple, what are the best choices for us to protect our assets in case we have to enter a nursing home?

Our attorneys are dedicated to easing the emotional burden that clients often feel when contemplating difficult issues.

Establishing living wills to direct medical care in case of future incapacity

Making medical decisions for a loved one can be extremely trying, especially if this involves end-of-life treatment. A Maryland living will allows those close to you to make confident decisions on your behalf. Also known as an advance healthcare directive, this document specifies in writing what medical actions should be taken if you are no longer able to make decisions due to illness or incapacity. Living wills can be specific enough to detail how feeding, pain relief and other medical decisions should be handled.

Assisting families looking to minimize estate tax liability

Maryland applies an inheritance tax to certain beneficiaries of an estate, sometimes even for gifts that occur prior to death. Many exemptions exist, and our attorneys can evaluate your estate plan to see if your potential heirs might be affected. There are also federal and state estate taxes that start to apply if an estate is valued at $2 million or more. Clients often don’t realize the total value of their estate, meaning their families have to adjust that value once the will is probated. Chapman & Bowling can help to avert any negative surprises and suggest possible ways to reduce or avoid these taxes.

Contact an experienced Southern Maryland estate planning law firm today

For assistance with planning your estate, call Chapman & Bowling, LLC at 240-349-6289 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our offices are in La Plata, Waldorf and Lexington Park.