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Dedicated advocates for people hurt in all types of vehicle collisions

Maryland’s roads and waterways are both busy places, and with that congestion comes the potential for accidents. When a car, truck, motorcycle or boat crash occurs and causes you to be injured, Chapman & Bowling, LLC can step in to enforce your legal rights. Scott Bowling is an experienced trial lawyer who will work diligently to confront the tough insurance companies and their attorneys so that you don’t feel pressured to accept a substandard settlement. We handle the legal burden so you can concentrate on healing physically and emotionally.

Skilled legal support from the moment a car crash occurs

Chapman & Bowling has decades of experience obtaining substantial compensation for those hurt in auto collisions, so we are well aware that your eventual recovery can be affected by the early choices you make. If you are in a crash, you should:

  • Seek medical treatment — Concentrate on your health and be sure to keep up with your doctor’s appointments. Documentation of your injuries will help with your claim.
  • Get legal advice before speaking with insurers — Auto insurers might try to obtain statements or even a quick settlement from you. Don’t speak to their adjusters or representatives until you have legal representation.
  • Request information on health expenses — The cost of medical treatments should be submitted to any available health insurer. When you resolve your case, your health insurance company will be reimbursed for a portion of the expenses they paid for your medical care. While this process is typical, you should consult with your attorneys for advice on your particular situation.

For any type of vehicle collision, we can help you pursue the recovery you deserve. Even in a single-car accident, you might be entitled to compensation.

Assistance with the specific legal issues relating to truck accidents

When it comes to seeking legal help following a commercial truck collision, you want an attorney who has the skills to stand up to trucking companies and match their substantial resources. Drivers of big rigs must follow strict federal regulations, and trucking companies have a duty to maintain their fleets, so in any truck accident case, there can be more than one liable party. We will investigate the significant questions that could affect your claim, including these:

  • Did the truck driver work for himself or did he haul for another carrier?
  • Was the trucker in violation of federal regulations mandating rest breaks?
  • Was the trucking company hauling cargo between states?
  • Did the company that shipped the freight have supervisory control over the truck driver?
  • Which insurance policy would cover the damages and injuries?

Due to the very nature of a truck accident, the physical and property damages are likely to be extensive and require a proficient Maryland accident attorney with experience handling complex cases.

Experienced counsel for boat accident injuries

Maryland offers great opportunities to enjoy boating in waterways such as the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. Though most of these voyages are pleasurable, a boating accident can cause serious bodily harm, or even death, to passengers or swimmers. Common types of Maryland boating accidents include:

  • Vessels capsizing or colliding with other vessels at sea
  • Fires or explosions onboard
  • Contact with swimmers or fixed items such as rocks or a dock
  • Onboard flooding

Our attorneys understand the special regulations that apply to operating watercraft as well as the common reasons for boating accidents, such as inexperience, darkness, weather or impairment caused by alcohol.

Aiding motorcycle riders hurt in crashes with other vehicles

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than others on the road simply because their bikes are much smaller than any other vehicle — and offer much less protection in a crash. So it’s easy to understand why motorcycle accidents are likely to leave victims with severe injuries or end up killing them. There are many reasons for motorcycle crashes, but one common scenario involves inattentive drivers who fail to even notice motorcycles due to their much smaller size. Chapman & Bowling attorneys will fight to obtain justice for injured riders and overcome the negative presumptions they often face in court.

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