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Bad Car Accidents and Driving in Bad Weather

Bad Car Accidents and Driving in Bad Weather

While it is fun to slide down the snow on a pair of skis at Wisp Ski Resort, or even the big hill at the local playground, it is less exciting to slide across the pavement in a car—especially when other cars and trucks are sharing the road. In fact, due to the relative lack of snow in some areas of Maryland, motorists may forget how to drive in such adverse conditions and either under or over react while driving.

Decreased Visibility

Whether it is a heavy rain or a light snow, driver visibility decreases. Salt and other chemicals combined with snow, rain, and slush from other drivers can make it increasingly difficult to see. These are prime conditions for an automotive accident, dangerous for cars and trucks alike. Snow and rain not only diminishes what drivers can see in front of them, but it decreases the visibility of markings on the road as well.

Decreased Traction

Heavy rain or snow might cause a motorist to unintentionally slide out of the lane and into another vehicle—or even a stationary object. Adverse weather conditions also make it difficult to stop immediately and prevent a crash.

Increased Dangerous Behavior

Bad weather causes drivers to behave in two extremes: either timidly or with uncommon aggression. As extreme behavior rises, so does the chance of an car accident. While it is always prudent to reduce speed during inclement weather, motorists might drastically reduce their speed limit and unwittingly endanger themselves and cause any number of rear end collisions. Another driver may want to arrive at their destination even quicker and increase speed to unsafe levels, engaging in aggressive driving or reckless driving and ending in a high speed collision. This is a common cause of accidents in southern Maryland.

Who’s Fault? Can You Blame The Weather?

You can’t just blame the weather. Roads may not have been adequately treated or proper signs might not have been posted by bridges to warn for ice or flooding. While you might have exercised due caution during inclement weather, you may still be involved in an auto accident and need to consult a Maryland personal injury lawyer.

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